Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are needed to pick up the car?

To pick up the car the driver should have: a valid driving license, identity card or passport
and a credit card or cash security equal to the amount of the collision damage waiver
CDW. The credit card should be in the name of the main driver.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Credit card, Debit card, cash, bank deposit.

Is an International Driving License required?

Please read the General terms & Conditions.

Are there any additional charges locally?

No, unless the driver chooses to add some extras.

Is there charge for extra drivers?

Yes there is an extra charge € 3,5 per day.

Will there be an extra charge if you wish to pick up the car out of office hours (08:00a.m.

No extra charges.

I plan to travel abroad by car, can I?

No cars are allowed to go outside the Greek borders. Furthermore our cars may not
leave Santorini.

What happens in case of delay or cancellation of my flight?

A flight number is required in order to avoid non-refundable cancellation.

What is the fuel policy?

Full no full on same level.

What is the cancellation policy?

Upon booking, you will be asked to submit the number of your credit card through our
secure server. This number is kept for security reasons. Your reservation will be
confirmed by e -mail to your address. We will charge 25 % of the total amount on your
credit card 3 days before your arrival as a deposit. In case of cancellation 3 or more days
before date of arrival, no deposit is charged. In case of cancellation less than 3 days
before date of arrival, there will be no refund.

What safety features are including?

All authorized by Suntime car drivers are insured with third party insurance, death,
personal injury and property damage.
Material Damage Waiver (CDW - SCDW) *- Theft
Security (TPI)
The renter's liability for damage or partial / total theft of the rented vehicle may be restricted, provided that no traffic regulations were violated, the maximum charge of € 800 for categories A, B, C, € 1.000 for categories A1, D, E, F2, G, H, H1, K, L € 1.200 for categories F, G1 and 1.600 € for all categories of luxury by paying the amount of 12 €, 15
€, 22 € and 30 € respectively per rental day. For rentals of 7 days or more amounts are adjusted in package prices 10 €, 13 €, 18 € and 26 € respectively.
The driver can limit liability even more (SCDW) the minimum charge of € 100 for
categories A, B, C, € 150 for categories A1, D, E, F2, G, H, H1, K, L, € 200 for categories
F, G1 and € 250 for all categories of luxury by paying an extra € 10, € 12, € 18 and € 25
respectively per rental day.
* Following items are not covered by any insurance.
- Any damage on tires wheels, glassy pars and the interior of the car.
- Loss or theft of personal belongings kept in the car.
- Any incident that took place when the driver was under the influence of alcohol or
- Accidents caused when the lead car driver was not declared in the rental agreement.
- The underside of the car.

What should I do if the car breaks in the engine, or if there is an accident?

You will be provided with phone number for emergencies.

I returned the car earlier - I have a refund?

No there is no refund.